Denim on Summer Palette !


The summer frappes & coolers from Starbucks or the ‘banta’ from the local juice shop are quenching the thirst but, there is more help needed.  It is getting sweaty and sticky when you step out in the heat. To face the summer in Delhi I need more than the hydration and SPF – the right outfits. So, I head to my closet to dress up in my Denims !

Denim –  ‘The closet staple’; as I call it. Denim jeans/ shirts/ shorts are the wardrobe cynosure around which I build my OOTD. But the fabric in this weather, oh dear, I need aid.

Summers this time have left me in dismay. And, as I was getting to trade my choice of Denim with something lighter and airy – cotton blend; I discovered ‘Chambray’.

Chambray is constructed with the same skill as the Denim fabric, using white and coloured yarn but, with a different way of pulling the white yarn through the coloured one in a plain weave. And, this brings all the difference as it turns the fabric lightweight making it perfect for the spring-summer wardrobe.

With that being said, I have picked three outfits for that sunny brunch that have the look and feel of Denim at the same time let your skin breathe.

DSC02168 (2)


  1. Skinny Denims – Pairing a happy looking White Kurta with bright floral embroidery with a trusty soft, lightweight pair of skinny jeans. The embroidery will pop beautifully against this light wash denim. Accessorising it minimally with a pair of gold(dusty-gold) and pearls earrings, black cut-out flats and a black clutch. And, you are brunch ready !

2. Denim Dress – The A-line chambray dress speaks for itself. Accessorise with a sling bag, a protective pair of sunnies, strappy (gladiator) sandals. Have a lavish lunch because an A-line dress will give you the room for extra fries. Sssh !

3. Lace + Denim & Denim + Denim – On Trend with this one. I have paired a white lace top with hints of denim at the collar and chest pockets over a similar light wash denim capris. Style them with white converse shoes or flip flops and a straw hat. The feel of being on a holiday is with you.

As I sip on my glass of lemonade, hope you refresh your closet with this lighter denim fabric. ‘Chambray’ to that ! *clink*




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