Breakfast in a glass

Getting up late, leaving the house in a hurry, starting work at office and by lunchtime the stomach is growling with  hunger. Have been there ? I have, which made me find a quick fix for my breakfast for either the busy or lazy mornings because the first meal of the day should not be missed.

Recipe :-

Prep for the shake/smoothie the night before : Freeze a banana. And that’s it !

The next morning, get your blender add the chopped frozen banana. To make it tasty, healthy and filling, break 2-3 digestive biscuits to the blender. Digestive biscuits are high in fibre so they’ll make the smoothie wholesome. Pour in 250-300 ml of milk (yoghurt can be an alternative) with 1/2 tsp vanilla extract, 2 tsp hot chocolate mix/ cocoa powder and blend everything well. And you have a glass full of nutrition to get you started for the day. These measurements would be ideal for a single serving. The sweetness was from hot chocolate and banana so, you can add honey if you like.

These shakes and smoothies are very adaptive depending on the fruits you have. One can even add a cup of their choice of cereal in place of digestive biscuits. The reason for adding frozen fruit is that you don’t need to add ice cubes thus, your drink will be of a good consistency and not too cold to consume early in the morning. You can even add an espresso shot to the jar for that extra kick.

Have your breakfast in a glass and make it a good morning !


A hearty start to my day 🙂


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